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Class AA State Championship
Maryland Indoor State Championships History
Hosted By: US Naval Academy
Annapolis, Maryland

Class AA State Champions
Courtesy of MPSSAA State Record Book

Boys 60 Yard Dash	Luis Morales	Oxon Hill 	6.1
Boys 600y Dash		Brian Garland	Bladensburg 	1:11.8
Boys 1000 Yard Run	Chris Parker	Largo 		2:19.7
Boys Mile		Robbie Raisbeck	High Point 	4:21.4
Boys 2-Mile		John O’Neill	Bowie 		9:19.5
Boys 60 Yard Hurdles	Daryl Watson	Oxon Hill 	7.2
Boys 880 Yard Relay			Oxon Hill 	1:32.1
Boys Mile Relay				Crossland 	3:27.0
Boys 2-Mile Relay			Dulaney 	8:04.4
Boys High Jump		Brian Stokes	High Point 	6-08
Boys Shot Put		Dan Garrison	Friendly 	52-07 3/4
Boys Pole Vault		Ed Eisenberg	Whitman 	13-00
Girls 60 Yard Dash	Sheryl Walker	Largo 		7.0
Girls 600 Yard Dash	Sonja Bell	Friendly 	1:26.6
Girls 1000 Yard Run	Debbie Dohmeir	Parkville 	2:34.0
Girls Mile		Karin Wagner	Lansdowne 	5:06.7
Girls 2-Mile		Karin Wagner	Lansdowne 	11:17.3
Girls 60 Yard Hurdles	Kathy Mendel	Dulaney 	8.2
Girls 880 Yard Relay			Bladensburg 	1:44.7
Girls Mile Relay			Bladensburg 	4:01.7
Girls Two Mile Relay			Friendly 	9:45.6
Girls High Jump		Mary Likens	Perry Hall 	5-03
Girls Shot Put		Phyllis Addison	Friendly 	37-07

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