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Bethesda Chevy Chase Inactive Athlete Roster

Athletes are moved to this page if:

a.) The athlete has has been inactive for over a year based on Mocorunning's performance database
b.) A credible person notifies Mocorunning that the athlete is no longer with Bethesda Chevy Chase

For the athletes listed below that do not have a graduation year next to their name, please go into that athlete's page and submit the correct graduation year. Athletes will be moved to the Bethesda Chevy Chase alumni page when their graduation date comes to pass. Athletes without graduation years will remain on this page indefinitely.

Inactive Boys

Mitchell Baker
Julien Banks
Jesse Behan
Michael Berlin
Jordahn Brown
Jaron Daniels
James Deigan2020
Frederic Duch Clerici2020
Joshua Garber2020
Nahom Gebremesih
Victor Gelius
Connor Gold
Aidan Holdridge2020
Chad Law
Mike Massey
Jonah Messinger
Chander Payne2020
Ryan Pearce2020
Bernard Reser
Derrik Roberts
Spike Shore
Aaron Taylor
Aaron Wildavsky
Jamie Williams
Inactive Girls

Oriane Badre2020
June Deng
Daejah Edwards
Christine Folivi
Regina Joice
Elizabeth Kaufman
Ame Kerjean2020
McKinley Lettre2020
Eve London2020
Margaret Lough
Sarah McGonigal
Jasmine Moxley
June Peng
Asia Perez
Reina Perrouleaux
Maduba Polan
Kristen Pomeroy
Elizabeth Puruski
Anna Raisner
Lucy Sears
Kendall Smith
Sarah Spain2020
Andrea Tineo
Alex Waterman2020

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