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Alexander Blum
Winston Churchill
Class of 2012 (Update/Correct)
800m Run2012-03-21Churchill, Gaithersburg at B-CC02:22.417
800m Run2012-04-13Friday Night Spikes02:23.1025
800m Run2011-04-13Northwood @ Churchill02:30.9021
800m Run2011-03-29B-CC, Blair @ Churchill02:33.635
800m Run2010-03-24Blair @ Churchill02:35.8023
800m Run2010-04-28BCC, Nwood, StA @ WC02:39.1037
800m Run2010-04-13WC, GB @ WM02:41.038
800m Run2009-04-01Churchill @ Kennedy02:41.832
800m Run2009-03-24WJ @ Churchill02:42.128
800m Run2009-04-21Wheaton, Churchill @ Sherwood02:43.546
800m Run2009-04-15B-CC @ Churchill02:47.031
800m Run2009-05-09MoCo B Championship02:47.60108
1600m Run2009-04-01Churchill @ Kennedy05:37.327
1600m Run2009-04-21Wheaton, Churchill @ Sherwood05:47.546
1600m Run2009-04-15B-CC @ Churchill05:51.233
3200m Run2012-04-13Friday Night Spikes10:47.909
3200m Run2012-05-12MCPS B Meet10:48.909
3200m Run2011-05-14MoCo B Championship10:56.8017
3200m Run2012-05-164A West Region10:57.9627
3200m Run2011-12-13MCPS Meet #111:02.9620
3200m Run2012-04-28HoCo Spring Classic11:03.6030
3200m Run2012-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational11:03.7018
3200m Run2012-03-21Churchill, Gaithersburg at B-CC11:12.49
3200m Run2011-04-13Northwood @ Churchill11:19.506
3200m Run2011-05-07Katie Jenkins Invitational11:21.1020
3200m Run2010-04-13WC, GB @ WM11:23.89
3200m Run2011-03-29B-CC, Blair @ Churchill11:25.409
3200m Run2010-05-15MoCo B Championships11:32.5025
3200m Run2010-03-24Blair @ Churchill11:35.707
3200m Run2010-04-28BCC, Nwood, StA @ WC11:45.4010
3200m Run2009-04-21Wheaton, Churchill @ Sherwood11:46.09
3200m Run2009-03-24WJ @ Churchill12:06.618
3200m Run2009-05-09MoCo B Championship12:34.8437
5000m XC2011-10-01Great American XC Festival17:56.847
5000m XC2010-10-02Great American Invitational18:18.755
5000m XC2011-10-22Montgomery Co. Championship18:29.422
5000m XC2010-10-23MoCo XC Championship18:40.5727
5000m XC2010-09-10Magruder Invitational18:44.09
3 Mile XC2011-09-27Wootton WJ @ Churchill19:11.1028
5000m XC2011-10-15Georgetown Prep XC Classic19:13.120
5000m XC2011-09-14Churchill @ Northwest19:16.907
5000m XC2011-09-17Oatlands Invitational19:2255
5000m XC2011-10-04QO, Churchill @ Sherwood19:25.0030
5000m XC2010-10-16Georgetown Prep XC Classic19:2917
3 Mile XC2009-09-30Churchill @ WJ19:32.643
5000m XC2010-10-12Walter Johnson at Churchill19:37.6023
5000m XC2009-09-11Magruder Invitational19:46.7025
3 Mile XC2010-09-28Whitman, NW at Churchill19:50.2025
5000m XC2009-09-22Sherwood, Churchill @ Landon19:56.902
5000m XC2008-10-18Montgomery Co. Championship20:02.8236
5000m XC2009-10-24MoCo XC Championship20:0853
5000m XC2010-09-15Churchill at Wootton20:3125
5000m XC2009-09-15Whitman at Churchill20:37.2028
5000m XC2008-09-13Magruder Invitational20:37.8822
5000m XC2008-09-16Whitman at Churchill21:20.8050
5000m XC2008-10-07Northwest and Churchill at QO21:2263
5000m XC2008-09-23Churchill and B-CC at WJ 21:44.014
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