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Sahirra Burgess
Seneca Valley
Class of 2020 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2017-05-13MCPS B Championship13.260
100 Dash ht2018-04-10Seneca Valley at Northwest13.32
100 Dash ht2018-04-18Poolesville and SV at QO13.42
100 Dash ht2019-04-16Seneca Valley at Clarksburg13.55
100 Dash ht2017-04-05WM, DeMatha at Seneca Valley 13.911
100 Dash ht2017-05-13MCPS B Championship14.0713
100 Dash ht2017-04-18QO, SV at Clarksburg14.40
100m Dash2018-05-222A West Regional13.098
100m Dash2019-05-04Katie Jenkins Invitational13.5814
100m Dash2019-05-152A West Regional13.6317
100m Dash2018-04-14Vollmer Invitational13.6632
100m Dash2018-04-21Aziz Ra'oof Invitational13.707
100m Dash2018-05-222A West Regional13.7111
100m Dash2019-04-13Jim Vollmer Invitational13.8922
100m Dash2017-05-173A West Regional14.1017
100m Dash2017-03-25Screaming Eagles Invitational14.3327
100m Dash2019-03-23Screaming Eagles Invitational14.7844
100m Dash2017-05-06Katie Jenkins Invitational14.7921
100m Dash2017-04-15Largo Lion Invitational14.8717
200 Dash ht2018-04-18Poolesville and SV at QO28.04
200 Dash ht2019-04-30SV at QO28.38
200 Dash ht2017-04-05WM, DeMatha at Seneca Valley 28.884
200 Dash ht2018-04-10Seneca Valley at Northwest29.04
200 Dash ht2017-04-18QO, SV at Clarksburg30.10
200 Dash ht2017-05-13MCPS B Championship30.3541
200m Dash2018-05-222A West Regional27.348
200m Dash2019-05-152A West Regional27.6814
200m Dash2018-05-09MCPS Championship27.7023
200m Dash2018-04-21Aziz Ra'oof Invitational27.777
200m Dash2018-04-14Vollmer Invitational28.3326
200m Dash2018-05-222A West Regional28.4312
200m Dash2018-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational28.5518
200m Dash2019-05-08Montgomery Co. Championship28.6626
200m Dash2017-05-173A West Regional29.5623
200m Dash2017-04-15Largo Lion Invitational30.0731
200m Dash2017-03-25Screaming Eagles Invitational30.2131
300m Dash2019-01-16Montgomery Co. Championship45.2918
300m Dash2018-12-13MCPS Meet #246.5216
300m Dash2018-01-05Smithsburg Invitational50.4731
400m Dash2018-12-22Dickinson Holiday Invite68.0014
400m Dash2017-04-18QO, SV at Clarksburg69.90
500m Dash2017-12-05MCPS Meet #101:35.0755
55m Dash2018-12-22Dickinson Holiday Invite7.8413
55m Dash2019-01-12Montgomery Invitational7.8744
55m Dash2018-01-30Montgomery Co. Championship7.9228
55m Dash2019-01-16Montgomery Co. Championship7.9318
55m Dash2018-12-11MC-AA-BCo Meet7.9723
55m Dash2017-12-05MCPS Meet #18.0439
55m Dash2019-01-05Smithsburg Invitational8.1210
55m Dash2018-01-05Smithsburg Invitational8.1420
55m Dash2018-02-032A West Regional8.1820
High Jump2018-12-17MC-AA-BCo Meet #24-02.0019
High Jump2019-01-05Smithsburg Invitational4-03.009
High Jump2018-12-13MCPS Meet #24-04.0011
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