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Joseph Ripple
Quince Orchard
Class of 2020 (Update/Correct)
Shot Put2017-04-18QO, SV at Clarksburg27-09.50
Discus2017-04-18QO, SV at Clarksburg069-000
Discus2019-04-02QO at Damascus086-022
Shot Put2019-03-22PV, CB at QO29-06.003
Discus2019-03-22PV, CB at QO078-043
Shot Put2019-04-02QO at Damascus33-03.003
Discus2019-04-30SV at QO084-104
Shot Put2019-04-30SV at QO31-06.004
Discus2018-04-10Damascus, QO at WM083-045
Discus2019-04-16QO, NW at WM072-016
Shot Put2019-04-16QO, NW at WM31-01.007
Shot Put2018-04-10Damascus, QO at WM27-10.007
Discus2018-04-18Poolesville and SV at QO085-087
Discus2017-05-02Northwest at Quince Orchard 071-017
Long Jump2017-05-02Northwest at Quince Orchard 09-05.509
Shot Put2018-04-18Poolesville and SV at QO29-08.009
Discus2019-05-11Montgomery County B Meet082-059
Shot Put2017-03-22Damascus, WM at QO25-03.009
Shot Put2017-05-02Northwest at Quince Orchard 27-05.0010
Discus2018-04-23NW and QO at Clarksburg076-0311
Shot Put2018-04-23NW and QO at Clarksburg28-07.5011
Discus2017-03-22Damascus, WM at QO063-0511
Discus2018-04-07Cougar Relays077-0713
Shot Put2017-12-26MCPS Meet #329-05.7513
Shot Put2019-01-16Montgomery Co. Championship30-07.0013
Discus2019-03-30Cougar Relays087-0014
Shot Put2018-01-30Montgomery Co. Championship31-09.0016
Shot Put2019-02-074A West Regional31-09.0016
Shot Put2018-02-084A West Regional29-04.0018
Discus2018-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational082-0118
Discus2019-05-164A West Regional080-0421
Shot Put2018-12-17MC-AA-BCo Meet #231-05.5022
Shot Put2019-05-164A West Regional31-11.5022
Discus2018-05-12County B Championship068-1024
Shot Put2018-05-05Katie Jenkins Invitational28-11.5024
Shot Put2018-12-11MC-AA-BCo Meet30-03.0026
Shot Put2018-05-174A West Regional29-09.7526
Discus2018-05-174A West Regional063-0827
Shot Put2018-05-12County B Championship27-11.0027
Shot Put2018-04-14Vollmer Invitational31-10.7529
Long Jump2017-12-26MCPS Meet #311-08.5030
Discus2017-05-204A West Regional082-0030
Shot Put2017-05-204A West Regional30-00.5031
Shot Put2019-04-06Trojan Invitational33-02.5031
Shot Put2017-05-06Nike Spring Invitational24-10.5031
Discus2017-05-13MCPS B Championship068-0632
Shot Put2017-05-13MCPS B Championship26-11.0032
Discus2019-04-06Trojan Invitational081-0934
Shot Put2018-12-22PR Holiday Invitational31-01.7534
Shot Put2017-12-23PR Holiday Invitational28-07.5036
Shot Put2016-12-06MCPS Meet #219-01.0043
Shot Put2017-12-05MCPS Meet #126-00.0044
100 Dash ht2019-03-22PV, CB at QO15.647
Individual Titles

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