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Kiernan Keller
Walter Johnson
Class of 2015 (Update/Correct)
1600m Run2014-02-184A State Championship05:07.391
3200m Run2014-05-164A West Regional10:49.361
1600m Run2014-05-164A West Regional05:01.831
1600m Run2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship04:59.281
1600m Run2014-04-26Viking Invitational04:59.291
3200m Run2014-04-02Churchill at Walter Johnson11:06.501
1600m Run2014-04-02Churchill at Walter Johnson05:06.11
3200m Run2014-04-09RM, B-CC at WJ11:14.21
1600m Run2014-04-09RM, B-CC at WJ05:14.221
800m Run2014-04-09RM, B-CC at WJ02:24.161
5000m XC2014-09-16B-CC, RM at WJ18:52.241
3200m Run2014-03-25WJ, Wootton at Whitman11:12.441
800m Run2014-03-25WJ, Wootton at Whitman02:24.491
1600m Run2015-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:16.461
1600m Run2015-01-03Southern MD Classic05:12.391
3200m Run2015-04-18Viking Invitational11:10.121
5000m XC2013-09-17Sherwood, Bullis at WJ19:30.461
5000m XC2013-09-24Einstein, WJ at QO20:54.821
800m Run2015-05-02Katie Jenkins Invitational02:21.661
5000m XC2014-10-02WJ, Wootton at Whitman19:15.511
1600m Run2015-04-28B-CC, WJ, RM at WC05:08.401
800m Run2015-04-28B-CC, WJ, RM at WC02:22.001
1600m Run2015-04-15B-CC at Walter Johnson05:19.201
1600m Run2014-02-064A West Regional05:14.021
3200m Run2015-03-31Wootton, WJ at Whitman11:24.311
1600m Run2015-02-233A-4A State Championship05:01.471
3 Mile XC2014-09-27Bull Run Invitational19:07.01
1600m Run2015-02-054A West Regional05:10.751
5000m XC2014-09-23Poolesville, HC at WJ18:29.561
3200m Run2014-05-244A State Championship10:53.462
1600m Run2014-05-244A State Championship05:02.132
1600m Run2014-04-05Coyote Invitational05:16.602
3200m Run2014-05-07Montgomery Co. Championship11:07.262
800m Run2014-04-05Coyote Invitational02:24.302
800m Run2014-02-064A West Regional02:23.812
1600m Run2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship05:14.612
5000m XC2013-10-09WJ, B-CC at Wootton19:58.002
800m Run2014-12-09MCPS Meet #202:25.753
5000m XC2013-09-21Spiked Shoe Invitational 19:244
800m Run2015-02-054A West Regional02:25.044
5000m XC2014-10-18Montgomery Co. Championship18:54.974
5000m XC2013-10-314A West Region Championship 19:04.404
3200m Run2014-01-25Last Track to Philly11:44.314
5000m XC2014-10-304A West Regional18:51.115
3 Mile XC2013-09-28Frank Keyser Invitational 18:12.45
5000m XC2013-11-09Maryland State Championship 19:14.95
1000m Run2014-12-13CNU Winter Frolic03:12.795
800m Run2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:26.496
3200m Run2015-05-144A West Regional11:31.286
1600m Run2015-03-31Wootton, WJ at Whitman05:37.106
1600m Run2015-05-144A West Regional05:17.746
5000m XC2013-10-19MCPS Championship 19:216
Mile Run2015-01-10Montgomery Invitational05:21.557
800m Run2014-02-184A State Championship02:28.187
1600m Run2014-01-31Virginia Tech Invitational05:23.807
5000m XC2014-09-20Oatlands Invitational19:117
1600m Run2015-05-07MoCo Championship05:22.727
2.5 Mile XC2013-10-12Manhattan Invitational15:43.411
3200m Run2015-05-234A State Championship11:50.0012
800m Run2015-02-233A-4A State Championship02:34.3412
1600m Run2015-04-25Penn Relays05:17.32c14
Mile Run2015-04-25Penn Relays05:19.1714
3 Mile XC2014-11-084A State Championship20:04.515
800m Run2015-01-20Montgomery Co. TF Championship02:34.9519
800m Run2015-05-07MoCo Championship02:32.7221
800m Run2015-05-144A West Regional02:43.0927
Mile Run2015-03-15NB Indoor Nationals05:20.6427
Mile Run2014-03-14NB Indoor Nationals05:24.1827
2.5 Mile XC2014-10-11Manhattan Invitational15:45.937
Individual Titles

IT 20144A West Region1600m Run
IT 20144A State1600m Run
IT 2015Montgomery County1600m Run
IT 20154A West Region1600m Run
IT 20154A State1600m Run
OT 2014Montgomery County1600m Run
OT 20144A West Region3200m Run
OT 20144A West Region1600m Run
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