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Jameka Watts
John F. Kennedy
Class of 2015 (Update/Correct)
100 Dash ht2014-05-01JFK, Northwood at Einstein14.109
100 Dash ht2013-04-30Wheaton and Einstein at JFK14.4410
100 Dash ht2012-04-17Kennedy at Rockville14.6011
100 Dash ht2013-05-11Montgomery County B Meet15.0061
100 Dash ht2012-04-11Einstein and Kennedy at Wheaton15.38
100m Dash2014-05-10Montgomery County B14.1924
100m Dash2015-03-24Einstein, Blair at JFK14.7210
200 Dash ht2014-05-01JFK, Northwood at Einstein29.0010
200 Dash ht2013-04-30Wheaton and Einstein at JFK30.295
200 Dash ht2014-04-05Coyote Invitational31.1057
200 Dash ht2012-04-11Einstein and Kennedy at Wheaton31.67
200m Dash2014-03-22Wise Puma Invitational 29.607
200m Dash2014-04-11Wheaton at Kennedy29.724
200m Dash2014-04-02Blair at Kennedy29.744
200m Dash2014-05-10Montgomery County B29.9622
200m Dash2012-05-164A West Region30.0033
200m Dash2012-04-28HoCo Spring Classic30.9241
3 Mile XC2012-10-04Coyote XC Invitational30:4983
3 Mile XC2014-09-27Bull Run Invitational32:41.9162
300m Dash2014-12-30MCPS Meet #349.7359
300m Dash2013-01-05UMES High School Invite50.224
300m Dash2013-12-30MCPS Meet #350.973
300m Dash2011-12-28MCPS Meet #252.7873
300m Dash2012-01-23Montgomery Co. TF Championship52.9446
400m Dash2012-03-23Coyote Invitational75.8029
5000m XC2014-10-304A West Regional27:47.6983
5000m XC2014-10-18Montgomery County Championship28:59.42195
5000m XC2014-10-08Coyote Run29:4293
5000m XC2012-10-09Watkins Mill at Kennedy29:4713
5000m XC2014-10-11MCPS Consortia Championships29:5578
5000m XC2012-10-13MCPS Consortia Championships30:1770
5000m XC2014-09-30Dam, SV, JFK at Rock30:2023
5000m XC2014-09-16JFK, Rockville, Mag at WM32:1121
5000m XC2012-10-02Kennedy at Blake34:3420
55 Dash ht2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 8.440
55m Dash2014-12-30MCPS Meet #38.4255
55m Dash2011-12-28MCPS Meet #28.8366
High Jump2012-04-11Einstein and Kennedy at Wheaton4-02.003
Long Jump2013-04-30Wheaton and Einstein at JFK10-10.004
Long Jump2013-03-21Coyote Invitational11-02.0020
Long Jump2014-03-22Wise Puma Invitational 12-01.5011
Long Jump2014-12-09MCPS Meet #212-03.7527
Long Jump2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship12-06.7525
Long Jump2013-12-07MCPS Meet #1 12-10.2523
Long Jump2014-12-18PG County Relays12-11.7526
Long Jump2014-05-03Mullins Russell Invitational13-02.5019
Long Jump2015-05-144A West Regional13-06.7514
Long Jump2015-04-01Wheaton at Kennedy13-08.001
Long Jump2015-03-24Einstein, Blair at JFK14-004
Long Jump2014-04-11Wheaton at Kennedy14-00.002
Long Jump2015-04-14Kennedy Northwood at Rockville14-042
Long Jump2014-04-02Blair at Kennedy14-07.003
Triple Jump2012-04-11Einstein and Kennedy at Wheaton24-02.004
Triple Jump2013-01-10PG Indoor Track Carnival26-06.0014
Triple Jump2012-04-14Woodward Relays26-06.2522
Triple Jump2013-04-19Darius Ray Invitational26-09.2510
Triple Jump2013-04-30Wheaton and Einstein at JFK27-00.006
Triple Jump2012-04-28HoCo Spring Classic27-04.5023
Triple Jump2013-01-05UMES High School Invite27-05.009
Triple Jump2015-03-28Cougar Relays27-07.5014
Triple Jump2014-01-28Montgomery Co. TF Championship28-02.0021
Triple Jump2012-04-17Kennedy at Rockville28-03.503
Triple Jump2015-05-144A West Regional28-09.7518
Triple Jump2014-12-30MCPS Meet #329-04.5013
Triple Jump2015-04-14Kennedy Northwood at Rockville30-012
Triple Jump2014-03-22Wise Puma Invitational 30-01.003
Triple Jump2015-03-24Einstein, Blair at JFK30-034
Triple Jump2014-05-10Montgomery County B30-05.006
Triple Jump2014-05-03Mullins Russell Invitational30-05.008
Triple Jump2015-04-01Wheaton at Kennedy31-00.002
Triple Jump2014-01-04UMES HS Invitational31-00.2512
Triple Jump2014-04-11Wheaton at Kennedy31-07.502
Triple Jump2015-05-07MoCo Championship31-07.5018
Triple Jump2015-05-02DCC Championship32-03.003
Triple Jump2014-04-02Blair at Kennedy32-04.001
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