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QO vs. Wootton Recap
By: Kevin Milsted

As soon as Quince Orchard's #4 female runner crossed the finish line in sixth place, the victory was guaranteed for the Cougars, but it sure did not feel like a comfortable victory at all. Five Wootton runners finished in the giant gap that was between QO's #4 and 5 runners, but the impact on the scoring was inconsequential at that point.

QO Coach Seann Pelkey acknowledged that their #5 was the weak link in today's girls race and praised Wootton's superior depth.

Despite having the "deeper" team, Wootton Coach Kellie Redmond was disappointed with the loss. She said that she has been trying to drill into the girls the need to race aggressively and attentively against opposing teams. She acknowledged that the girls executed the race better today than in previous weeks.

Wootton's home course is very hilly and full of sharp 90 degree turns. It typically runs as one of the slowest courses in the county on a dry day, but today was a very wet day. Heavy morning rain storms caused at least four meets in Montgomery County to be postponed. The rains turned to a light mist by race time and the course, while muddy, was passable.

The three loop course allowed spectators to see the runners multiple times throughout the race, but there was not much development to see in the boys race until the runners were out of site on the third loop.

Joshua Trzeciak and David Levine ran most of the race side by side with QO's Ryan McCann trailing a few strides behind.

After the Wootton duo crested the monster hill for the third time, Levine surged across the flat practice field. Trzeciak did not respond. Levine said that he was feeling great at that point. His momentum carried him to the finish line for his first win in a cross country race since he won the Magruder Invitational freshman race three years ago.

Trzeciak, who finished second, said that he was fine but tired. He is working harder than he ever has and his legs are tired.

In the final half mile, Wootton's Patrick Munro made up ground on QO's McCann to finish third and give Wootton a 1-2-3 sweep and guaranteed team win over QO.

The winning boys time by David Levine was 17:51 and the winning girls time by Isabelle Latour was 20:59.


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