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Preseason Boys Team Rankings
By: Kevin Milsted
2009-08-30 conducted an open online poll between August 18 and August 30 for anyone to rank their top teams in the county. 73 valid boys team votes were collected and tabulated to form the ranking you see below.

1. Walter Johnson - 4A West
Poll Points: 697
2008 County Finish: 1st
2008 State Finish: 1st
Walter Johnson returns five of their top six runners from their 2008 state champion team. They are heavily favored to repeat their victories at the county, regional, and state meet. In this poll, they recieved 62 of the 73 first place votes.

Tie Breaker: The tie breaker question asked the voters to predict the winning score at the county championship meet regardless of who they thought would win. The average answer for the boys was 47.5 points.

2. Damascus - 3A West
Poll Points: 522
2008 County Finish: 6th
2008 State Finish: 3rd
Damascus returns their entire varsity top seven from last year's team. They can be expected to be a formidable force at the county meet and at the 3A state championship meet.

3. Northwest - 4A West
Poll Points: 454
2008 County Finish: 3rd
2008 State Finish: 3rd
Northwest graduated four seniors from last year's varsity team, but retain their top two runners and have depth to draw upon this season.

4. Churchill - 4A West
Poll Points: 425
2008 County Finish: 4th
2008 State Finish: 5th
Churchill graduated several valuable seniors, but they have several promising young runners who are expected to step up.

5. Whitman - 4A West
Poll Points: 400
2008 County Finish: 7th
2008 State Finish: 10th
Whitman returns their top four runners from last year's team. Behind the county championship favorite Andrew Palmer, Whitman has 7 guys packed pretty tightly working for a varsity spot.

6. Richard Montgomery - 4A West
Poll Points: 371
2008 County Finish: 5th
2008 State Finish: DNR
Richard Montgomery returns six of its top seven from last year including their entire top five. That they should finish worse at counties this year than last year seems wrong, but that's the way fans voted this time.

7. Sherwood - 4A West
Poll Points: 227
2008 County Finish: 2nd
2008 State Finish: 4th
Life after Solomon Haile. Sherwood should return to the state meet led by a tight top three, but they will have to bring along a few more guys to make it happen.

8. Quince Orchard - 3A West
Poll Points: 197
2008 County Finish: 11th
2008 State Finish: DNR
Still a relatively young team, QO should improve on last year's county finish and shouldn't have much trouble making it back to the state meet with their move to the 3A classification.

9. Magruder - 4A West
Poll Points: 174
2008 County Finish: 10th
2008 State Finish: 11th
There will be a big drop off after Magruder's #1 runner after graduating three of their top five from last year, but their developing pack is better than what many schools have and should keep them competitive.

10. B-CC - 4A West
Poll Points: 171
2008 County Finish: 8th
2008 State Finish: 6th
B-CC graduated four of their top six from last year. Their strong top two will help keep their score from getting too high, but it's a tough year for them to move to the 4A classification.


2009-08-31 11:39:32

Wootton boys will be much improved this year put on a nice showing in scrimmage with Maguder and Rockville def. top ten for sure

2009-08-31 22:36:50

watch out for the poolesville boys. theyre looking really strong this year

2009-09-01 19:54:45

Shouldn't RM be at least 4th or 3rd?

2009-09-02 23:00:29

yeah these arnt accurate at all

2009-09-03 21:11:27

I like how you didn't mention Poolesville in the top 10. They have a sick varsity team this year and you'll be sorry when they come out in the top 10 this year for not mentioning them. (cause they will)

2009-09-05 17:45:27

While I agree that pool. will do better than predicted, you dont have to make a big deal of it.

2009-09-06 14:21:49

Of course he/she will make a big deal out of it cause Poolesville hasnt had a good varsity team in years, so at least give them some credit...

Ya Dig
2009-09-09 21:31:17

i tell you this now... Wooton minaswell 'kiss the baby' in their duel meet with RM

2009-10-07 12:17:04

Poolesville has just one their division as well as Bull Run invitational. Quite the "top ten" upset

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