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Preseason Poll Results
By: Kevin Milsted

Between March 15 and March 23, conducted an open online poll to find out the county championship fan preseason favorites. Participants were instructed to select their favorites in each event and rank the top teams for the outdoor county championship meet. 91 valid submissions were received, but voters were not required to vote for every category.

Below you will find the results. The county champion favorites are listed with the percentage of people that voted for them.

Event Name, School % Name, School %
100m Dash Avery Graham, Clarksburg 55.1 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 80.0
110/100m Hurdles Owen Cain, Gaithersburg 77.3 Olivia Durr, Poolesville 80.6
200m Avery Graham, Clarksburg 45.5 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 79.7
400m Wayne Bartholomew, QO 39.2 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 61.4
800m Wayne Bartholomew, QO 55.7 Maryam Fikri, Churchill 55.4
1600m Solomon Haile, Sherwood 81.0 Addie Tousley, B-CC 39.4
3200m Solomon Haile, Sherwood 92.3 Addie Tousley, B-CC 38.5
300m Hurdles Keith Hudson, Northwood 36.1 Olivia Durr, Poolesville 68.8
4x100 Clarksburg 24.7 Paint Branch 61.9
4x200 Clarksburg 39.2 Paint Branch 66.7
4x400 Northwest 48.7 Paint Branch 44.4
4x800 Churchill 73.0 Churchill 35.5
High Jump Owen Cain, Gaithersburg 80.3 Vanessa Jules, Paint Branch 64.6
Long Jump Owen Cain, Gaithersburg 60.8 Thea LaFond, Kennedy 60.9
Triple Jump Owen Cain, Gaithersburg 46.6 Arielle Statham, Paint Branch 74.2
Shot Put Sean Stanley, Gaithersburg 70.3 Octavia King, Blake 46.0
Discus Sean Stanley, Gaithersburg 66.2 Octavia King, Blake 56.7
Pole Vault Ryan Schorer, Churchill 45.6 Lauren Rose, Gaithersburg 64.3
Top Scorer Owen Cain, Gaithersburg 54.2 Olivia Ekpone, Northwest 62.9

Avg Answer Avg Answer
Tie Breakers Winning Boys 4x400 Time 3:24.56 Winning Girls 4x400 Time 3:59.19
Tie Breaker How many individual records will be tied or broken? 6.5

Rk Boys School Poll Points Rk Girls School Poll Points
1 Gaithersburg 453 1 Churchill 366
2 Clarksburg 324 2 Northwest 361
3 Northwest 275 3 Paint Branch 339
4 Churchill 237 4 B-CC 201
5 Quince Orchard 230 5 Gaithersburg 143
6 Damascus 201 6 Damascus 141
7 Whitman 166 7 Clarksburg 121
8 Sherwood 152 8 Wootton 120
9 Blair 146 9 Poolesville 109
10 Paint Branch 112 10 Walter Johnson 95

Avg Answer Avg Answer
Tie Breakers Winning Boys Team Score 78.5 Winning Girls Team Score 80.7


2009-03-23 20:01:48

way too many athletes are over rated.... PB girls and Olivia can only do so many events...

2009-03-23 21:50:50

Go Vikas and Shane!!

2009-03-24 04:36:42

Actually, the Paint Branch girls are allowed to do every event just like every other girls team. Now Olivia can only do so many events, this is true.

2009-03-24 09:23:51

Gaithersburg girls will win the 4x1.

Trojan Lover <3
2009-03-24 10:44:37

yessss Kevin i agree!!! g-burg 4x1 all the way!!!

2009-03-24 12:10:49

Jonathan Hale of Whitman could take both hurdle crowns...

2009-03-24 12:12:01

Arielle Statham will take the 400m

2009-03-24 17:44:28

jessie rubin will take either the 1600 or the 3200. she got so fast

Jon Hale
2009-03-24 18:24:41

Yay someone believes in me!

2009-03-24 20:25:21

Keith only had a few more votes than you in the 300 hurdles. -Kevin

2009-03-24 22:55:33

i see Marcus Willacy taking triple jump.

2009-03-24 22:57:10

doesnt springbrook have a good male hurdler?

Matt D.
2009-03-25 13:24:53

yeah we do have one, and based on his results so far, he could definitely break 40 this year, 15.6, 41.3, and 52.4 yesterday

2009-03-25 20:06:13

Yes Marcus Willacy Has clearly been the better athlete in the triple jump.

2009-03-26 08:32:49

watch out for Andrew Rodriguez from RM in the 300H.

Matt D.
2009-03-26 12:09:58

It'll be him versus Morton next week and I'll pick morton

2009-03-26 12:34:38

anyone who didn't put springbrook in their top 10 is an idiot, top 5 last 3 years, elite hurdlers and sprinters, they can score in the 110 H, 100, 200, 400, 300 H, 4x1,4x2,4x4,4x8,LJ,TJ, and prob the 800, maybe discus, and with our great B-ball team we got HJers as well. calling top 5. Get at ME!!!

Someone who doesn't go to Wootton
2009-03-26 13:31:11

After watching the 3200 at the Blair dual meet, I say that Jesse Rubin is pretty fast.

Matt D.
2009-03-26 13:50:23

yeah after I heard her time I was like "Thats why i picked you to win the mile!!!"

2009-03-26 19:10:50

.yeah pb girls. :)

2009-03-29 14:27:18

if Malcolm Wyche keeps it up, i see him taking first in one or maybe even both hurdle events, judging on the way he ran at cougar relays.

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