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Poll Results - Boys
By: Kevin Milsted

Below you will find the results for the poll conducted on between October 6 and October 12, 2008. 82 votes were received for boys individuals. Voters were required to vote for exactly ten different boys in order for their vote to count.

10. Chris Gregorski - Magruder 2009

After a very slow start to the season, Chris Gregorski has dropped four consecutive times well under 17 minutes. You may have never seen his picture on this site before, but his times speak for themselves and fans are catching on.

9. Matt Davey-Karlson - B-CC 2009

DK wouldn't want a discussion of his personal record of 16:30 at this year's Paul Short Run. He would want predictions, hypothesis, and even suggestions on what will be shaved into the side of his head on Saturday. May I suggest the letters "FAM"... See: RUNFAM.COM

8. Wayne Bartholomew - Quince Orchard 2009

Wayne Bartholomew has gotten over his early season injuries and is hitting his stride at the right time. After a personal best run of 16:21 at Paul Short, he won the Varsity B race at Glory Days with an amazing kick over the final half mile. Watch out for the 500-meter state champion to pick off multiple runners as he makes his way around the Gaithersburg High School athletic fields.

7. Sean King - Churchill 2009

For Sean King, it has been a steady progression from one of the top freshmen in the county to one of the top seniors in the county. He beat all Montgomery County finishers except for Whitman's Andrew Palmer at the Paul Short Invitational in a personal best time of 16:15. He is now in a position to help his team challenge for the county title.

6. Kyle Balderson - Sherwood 2009

Kyle Balderson has embraced his roll as the #2 runner behind teammate Solomon Haile. He has quietly put together an outstanding season with three invitational times under 16:40 including a season best time of 16:23 at Octoberfest.

5. Antonio Palmer - Gaithersburg 2009

There's no question that Antonio Palmer is an 800-meter runner first and foremost. It's amazing that he is as good as he is at cross country, but not surprising that a few of the true endurance guys will finish in front of him at the big meets.

4. Sean O'Leary - Walter Johnson 2010

Fans knew that Sean O'Leary would be much improved this season after what he did on the track, but opponents have found him even more difficult to beat than they anticipated. Still only a junior, he consistenly runs under 17 minutes and will be counted on to lead his title-favored team.

3. Nicolas Escobar - Magruder 2010

Little known fact: Nicolas Escobar has not lost to a Montgomery County athlete this season. Sure, he hasn't run against very many of them, but when he did at Glory Days, he clobbered them with a PR of 16:08. If the county meet turns out as many expect, it will be a race for third behind Haile and Palmer. Escobar is as good as any of the rest.

2. Andrew Palmer - Whitman 2010

15:52 4th place at Oatlands. 15:25 2nd place at Paul Short. 12:39 2.5 Mile 5th place at Manhattan. The kid has put together as good of a cross country season as any county athlete this decade. As only a junior, there is a great chance that he breaks Neal Darmody's county course record of 15:41 and continues his great season. But winning the county title this year? It doesn't seem too promising.

1. Solomon Haile - Sherwood 2009

Solomon Haile has broken a record in just about every race he has run since coming to the U.S. late last year. After breaking the Manhattan course record last weekend, the entire country is talking about his likelihood of winning the Footlocker XC National Title this year. Makes the county championship seem kind of... miniscule, no?

Photo by Andy Paisley -

Editor's note: County Championship is not miniscule


2008-10-15 17:29:45

balderson can bet antonio palmer

2008-10-15 18:37:02

Gregorski can take on and beat Antonio Palmer

2008-10-15 20:53:20

nobody can beat antonio palmer

2008-10-15 22:27:48


2008-10-16 12:13:54

In the tri meet Gregorski beat Palmer in Palmers home course by a good ten seconds i believe...

2008-10-16 20:55:26

balderson has beaten antonio palmer

2008-10-17 14:27:47

gregorski smashed antonio at glory days, he wont have a problem finishing 6th or even 5th. balderson has a shot at maybe 8th.

2008-10-18 01:38:08

our forgetting about Jimmy Hoover, matt luber and nate bailey. theyr going to take 1,2,3.

Antonio Palmer
2008-10-18 15:28:09

You might want to check those recent results fellas'

2008-10-18 16:24:30

what the heck boys jv results are completely wrong!

2008-10-18 17:17:36

Palmer SMASHED Gregorski and Balderson... he ran a 15:55! That would've been first place in 2006

2008-10-18 23:35:46

too bad its not 2006. its 2008 and solomon is the best

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