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Boys Team County Rankings
By: Kevin Milsted

Below you will find the results to the county championship poll that was conducted between April 27, 2008 and May 5, 2008. 71 valid votes were received and tallied for the boys team ranking.

Rank Team Poll Points
1. Quince Orchard 527
Season Highlights: 2nd in Division IV, 2nd at Cougar Relays, won five events at Northern Virginia Invitational, 3rd at Urbana Relays, 7:56.04 4x8 at Penn Relays, 1st at Nike Spring Invitational
Biggest Contributors: Wayne Bartholomew, David Laratta, Neal Darmody, Josh Joson, Caleb Malone, Marcus Brown
2. Montgomery Blair 507
Season Highlights: 1st in Division II, 3rd at Cougar Relays, County Best 4x2 and 4x4 at Woodward Relays (1:27.59, 3:21.17),
Biggest Contributors: Jonathan Haughton, Mohamad Mansaray, Louis Varella, Nilan Schnure, Alex Wang
3. Gaithersburg 483
Season Highlights: 1st in Division IV, 1st at Cougar Relays, 1st at Woodward Relays, 1st at Howard County Track Classic
Biggest Contributors: Antoine Johnson, Antonio Palmer, Owen Cain, Alimamy Kallay, Joey Skidmore, Sean Stanley
4. Clarksburg 372
Season Highlights: 1st in Division III, 5th at Cougar Relays, 4th at Don Boyer Invite, 1st at Blue Ridge Relays
Biggest Contributors: Avery Graham, Myles Daughtry, Mark Small, Petros Bein, Morgan Mott, Rob Thompson, Marcus Kinney
5. Damascus 346
Season Highlights: 3rd in Division IV, 6th at Patriot Invitational, 3rd at Woodward Relays, 5th at Zonis Invitational, 2nd at Arundel Relays
Biggest Contributors: Wil Zahorodny, Sam Weeks, Josh Francis, Drew Daggan, Jake Furr
6. Walter Johnson 221
Season Highlights: 1st in Division I, 6th at Cougar Relays, 11th at Woodward Relays, 11th at Viking Invitational, 4th at Arundel Relays
Biggest Contributors: Brian Graves, Chris Moen, Ian Francis, Charlie Grimsley
7. B-CC 202
Season Highlights: 2nd in Division I, 14th at Cougar Relays, 12th at Woodward Relays, 9th at Viking Invitational
Biggest Contributors: Walter Beller-Morales, Alex Prevost, Kyle Short, Dylan Straughan, David Williams
8. Richard Montgomery 200
Season Highlights: 5th in Division III, 12th at Cougar Relays, 9th at Woodward Relays, Tyler Jackson undefeated in hurdles
Biggest Contributors: Tyler Jackson, Alonzo Evans-Chase
9. Paint Branch 182
Season Highlights: 4th in Division IV, performed in unscored meets, Johns Jones 48.57 400 at NoVa Invite, 3:24.04 4x4 at Penn Relays
Biggest Contributors: John Jones, Nicholas South, Marcus Willacy
10. Magruder 103
Season Highlights: 4th in Division III, 2nd at WVU Invite, 6th at Chantilly Invitational, Darius Ray undefeated in LJ, TJ
Biggest Contributors: Anthony Winter, Nicolas Escobar, Darius Ray
-- Northwood Webmaster's Choice
Season Highlights: 3rd in Division III, 7th at Cougar Relays, 8th at Woodward Relays
Biggest Contributors: Derrick Powell, Giovanni Reumante, Keith Hudson, Richard Cadet, Keenan Woods, Jayson Carson


2008-05-06 12:58:45

QO ran 7:56, not 8:56

2008-05-06 13:47:52

northwood and springbrook aren't ranked high enough and RM is ranked too high. Northwood will do great in the 2,4,8 with gio and powell, nice in the hurtles with keith, woods and cadet will also score in the jumps. They could also get points in the 4x2,4x4,4x8. Springbrook will get a top three finish in the 100 and 200 by zach boodie, mitchell pollard might pull out a late place, ebou tourey will score in both the high jump and the 400, alcidor will score high in the LJ TJ and PV. Uchenna will score in discus and probably SP. maybe a point or two in the hurtles, they should also place top 5 in most of the relays, and don't count out kronomer in the 800, he did a 2:01 after a 1:59 on the 4x800 and a 4:36 mile

2008-05-06 14:15:52

northwood's cadet is sure for taking the high jump and northwoods woods will do great in long n triple. sure top 3 in both. cadet is also a contender for the 200. Powell n reumante do what dey do in da 4 n 8 but the relays contribute and so do our 300 hurdlers with one going top 2 and one goin top 5. Northwood beat magruder and rm in divison duals by far. Northwood top 5 for sure

2008-05-06 16:46:24

It is no accident Moen is listen twice for WJ, he is practically their whole team!

2008-05-06 17:34:35

northwood is good but no where near top five. Sprinbrook beat both magruder and northwood, and ebou can take down cadet if he's not too tired. I've seen him clear 6'4 twice.

i think....
2008-05-06 17:48:38

in the 100 & 200. Springbrook will def. not take 1, 2 or 3rd. maybe lower. Avery Graham, Mark Smalls are def. gonna rank 1 & 2. and possibly a sprinter from G-burg will take 3rd. no doubtt. John Jones of PB can def. pull for top 3 in the 200 & 1st in the 400. PB & SB should be ranked higher though. RM is too high. Paint Branch & Springbrook dont worry show 'em what you got this thursday. LEAVE IT ALL ON THE TRACK. good luck.

i think...
2008-05-06 17:49:40

i meant Mark Small not (smalls) my bad.

2008-05-06 17:50:28

SB ranked too low? they arent even ranked.

2008-05-06 17:59:09

if you bothered looking ,zach boodie has number one time of all active runner's in the 100m dash at counties

2008-05-06 19:18:56

both time cadet vs ebou one another cadet ended up on top when both jumper just came from runnin so my guess is cadet is the better jumper even if there not tired

2008-05-06 19:25:06

has ebou cleared 6'4 at a meet ur just at practices

2008-05-06 20:36:59

im gonna tell you all right now dont sleep on any one cause ive got a gut feeling that there may be some surprises for every one i have a feelin some people will go out there on their A game so dont look at the times now there are people who are starving and have been waiting for this meet once again dont sleep

2008-05-06 21:23:17

once at practice and once after he finished at katie jenkins, they let him try it after his third try, just not to score it

2008-05-06 21:34:58

I agree with negrogato. There are alot of people most of us havent seen run and duel meet times don't mean much. Most of us know that if there are volunteers timing they mess up a good bit in the sprints. This will give us real races with actual times.

2008-05-06 21:47:01

ebou does 6"4 at practice often. not just once, but running low two's and a 50 can tire you a bit more then a 200

2008-05-06 21:47:08


2008-05-06 21:57:16

well this argument is getting pointless lets see who can prove it on the track, or the mat in this case

2008-05-06 21:58:11


Richard Cadet
2008-05-06 23:06:10

damn i didn't kno i was nice like that for people to think i can take the high jump i rather do running events then jump but after all this i guess i goin to being out my A game...."THE BEAST"

2008-05-07 08:05:33

Boodie and Small did race head-to-head in the 1 and the 2 at Katie Jenkins. Boodie winning the 1 and Small winning the 2

2008-05-07 08:13:43

yeah sherwood!

2008-05-07 16:50:44

clarksburg has proven alot of teams wrong so has northwood and springbrook they have people who can compete and shock alot of

2008-05-07 16:55:34

PLEASE DNT DO NO SLEEPIN CUZ I NOE THERE IS SUM1 THAT MITE SHOW up that will do really well and i thon sum of yu noe who he is but im not goin to say any names cuz it mite be a surprize ya neva homeboi said DNT SLEEP THANKS!!!!

the beast
2008-05-07 18:08:48

it's gonna be the place to be thursday that c-burg kid has a point i wouldn't really focus on the old times especially in the sprint and hurdling events

2008-05-08 07:57:01


2008-05-08 10:24:50

Other than the top two teams on this list, I'm pretty sure Georgetown Prep dogged has/would dog every other team on here.

D. Ortega
2008-05-08 13:57:28

Where is Seneca Valley in all of this???

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